Day 2: Write a List

Today’s assignment is to write a list, choosing among several topics. So I decided to write a list of Things I Like. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. My family — because where would I be without them?
  2. Reading — almost any kind of genre, except for romance novels.
  3. Music — mostly 80s, 90s, and early 2000s R & B

    Dane Deaner
  4. Yoga — where I’m able to combine exercise and bring some calm to my spirit

    Gleren Meneghin
  5. Meditation — brings calm to my spirit

    Deniz Altindas
  6. Dancing — because who can go wrong with moving to the beat? at my desk?
  7. Fantasy basketball — every year my family have a fantasy basketball league
  8. Photography — something about capturing a moment in time…as my daughter would say “Mama Mia”

    The Digital Marketing Collaboration
  9. Libraries — because, books!

    The Library of Congress, Adams Building (credit: me)
  10. Mac-n-Cheese

Bonus likes:

  • Snuggling
  • Bacon
  • Hugs
  • Stationery

Day One: I write because

Photo credit: Alejandro Escamilla

I’m trying my hand at blogging…again. So to help me get started on my blogging routine, I’m completing the Everyday Inspiration writing course. My goal is to maintain a blog as a way to share my photos and to document my journey as a hobbyist photographer. But also to share other hobbies that I enjoy: reading, genealogy, technology, and learning in general.

Photo credit: Eric Rothermel

I write because I’m a stationery addict. I love notebooks and pens and calendars. And I have too many of all of them. And I love writing lists:

  • Shopping lists
  • Reading lists
  • Photos-to-take list
  • I need to relax and plan a vacation lists
  • To-Do lists

I write because it helps me clear my mind. Writing allows my brain to slow down with all the thoughts that are usually floating around in there. Writing gives me a “brain dump” so that the thoughts are no longer in my mind, clogging up space for more important things that are actually supposed to be there.

Photo credit: Brad Neathery on Unsplash

I write because I’m a hopeless romantic (amateur) genealogist in hopes that one day my descendants will find my journal and read about my life “back in the day.” In doing some preliminary research on my ancestors, I have questions about their lives; for example, why did my great grandmother move her and her small girls from a small town in North Caroline to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I write because I want to document my successes, my failures, my life’s journey, my life-lessons from the universe, my goals, my dreams, my plans.

Patuxent River Walk

I went on my first photography nature hike on Saturday at the Patuxent River Park, located in Upper Marlboro, MD. Since this was my first ever photography walk, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I brought my backpack full of supplies: water bottle, my Canon T5 Rebel plus lenses, and jacket just in case of rain. There were seven of us waiting to go on our little adventure through nature

The photography walk began a little after 9:00 a.m. Our guide went over a few DSLR basics for those of use who are photography newbies. He suggested that we set our DSLR cameras to the TV setting on the dial so that we only have worry about the shutter speed, which would be primarily set at 1/800. But we would lower for stationery subjects. The iPhone folks were advised to use slow motion for some of the up close action shots. Then we set out on our adventure, first destination was the pier.

We headed out on the Patuxent River. We saw a family of ospreys in their nest. If you look closely at the bottom left, you can see the babies in the nest as well.


We also see a few double-crested cormorants sunning and drying themselves on a log.


There’s a blue heron in the distance. I think it knows we’re watching and taking pictures because look at it spreading it’s wings.


The Patuxent River Park is a popular destination for kayakers.


After we finished photographing the river and some of its inhabitants, we were greeted on the pier by an interesting host.


We set off on foot through the park on foot and saw some gorgeous flowers, like these


and this oneyellowflower

We ended at the garden near the Visitor’s Center. We go in search of some golden finches and maybe monarch caterpillars, neither of which showed up. But we did end up seeing a ladybug,


a brown toad,


and a green frog.


Even though my back and feet were hurting after the walk, I will absolutely go on the nature walk again in the fall as the leaves are starting to turn. I love being able to practice photography with nature as the subject. There’s so much beauty for all to enjoy.